Rooftop solar may overtake coal by 2040, and save billions

The rapid proliferation of solar panels across our dwellings is likely to contribute 50,000 GWh of electricity by 2040, effectively accounting for 22 per cent of national demand and overtaking the combined output of black and brown coal at that time.

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What is DER and why is it gaining in popularity?

The take up of Distributed Energy Resources, or DER, is evolving rapidly. The Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap (ENTR), a joint publication by Energy Networks Australia and the CSIRO, projected that over 40 per cent of energy customers will use DER by 2027. By 2050, that figure will grow to more than 60 per cent. DER uses generation systems and distribution resources to create decentralised energy systems. DER participants can sell power back to the grid or are compensated for allowing their storage systems to help stabilise the grid, especially during peak.

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Blockchain helping farmers to trade energy

A trial using blockchain to establish a ‘virtual microgrid’ has kicked off in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The project will see excess electricity generated from distributed energy resources (DER) by farmers and consumed by commercial businesses in the local community. Additionally, the scheme can reward participants for their demand response capability by reducing consumption at peak periods as requested by the network operator.

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