Energy is complex.
We can help you take control

Utilizer is a 100% Australian owned and operated energy consultancy that helps Australian businesses to design, implement and achieve optimised and sustainable energy outcomes.
With over 45 years of energy experience across its team, Utilizer is an invaluable subject matter expert and business partner.

We began with a determined goal. To provide an easy way for businesses of all sizes to access energy at fair prices. Along the way, we developed smart solutions that have helped our customers to better manage and lower energy consumption while also reducing carbon footprints through renewables.

We start by looking at how you use energy today and what you’ll need for tomorrow. We collate, analyse and match your specific energy needs to unearth innovative energy efficiencies to save you money. When we find great solutions for you, we do all the leg work necessary to deliver a customised and optimised service to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Take control of your energy equation. Contact us to find out how your business can benefit by clicking here.