Power Factor Correction


A Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit reduces the chargeable demand component of energy bills and improves usage efficiency. Without it, users will need more, lower quality sources to achieve their needs, which can lead to unnecessary costs.

PFC is one of the simplest and most cost-effective forms of energy demand management that can deliver real savings on your business’s bills. This system refers to the reduction of inefficient energy (reactive power) that can increase the demand tariff charges on your electricity bill.

It works like this: your electrical equipment draws energy from the supplier. This is called ‘real power’. When a site’s Power Factor drops below a certain figure (usually a factor of 90 percent or less), reactive sources will be used for the shortfall, which ends up as those hefty digits on your bill. This leads to huge costs for running the same equipment over the same period of time.

Too much reactive energy can also be harmful to your equipment, too, with some devices known to suffer from instability or failure from exposure to reactive sources. A PFC device minimises the risk of this happening, meaning you are getting more real and less reactive power, which drives down your electricity usage charges.

Think of your energy usage as a beer. When you pull a beer from the tap, you have the actual beer that you consume and the froth on the top. Too much froth means you are getting less of the good stuff in your glass, so you’re left paying more to get the same volume of beer, without the froth.

Your beer is the real power and the froth is the reactive in the total glass of product, which is the apparent power. With advancements in technology used for PFC, new devices are capable of decreasing the need for reactive sources even further.

Let us revolutionise your power bills through energy efficiency consulting

Across Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Utilizer distributes a cutting-edge yet affordable technology to improve your PFC. PowerSave™ is a globally-patented device that we use to deliver maximum efficiencies to our customers.

While traditional PFC technologies use large and expensive reactors, PowerSave™ uses a bank of small, software-driven capacitors to supply peak energy to your business.
These systems are also regular monitored and maintained to ensure they are working at maximum efficiency.

This revolutionary method is safer, more accurate and more cost-effective than other solutions, which means you are getting more beer in your glass and lower numbers on your bill.

Minimise the froth in your beer. Contact us on 1300 180 616 or through our online form on the Contact page to find out how our energy efficiency consulting firm can save your business money and reduce the risk of equipment failure. We span across Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, so we’ve got plenty of weapons under our tool belt across the nation.