In a deregulated, commoditised market, it is easy to feel confused and anxious about which path to take.

A trusted and independent adviser can be a priceless resource who empowers you to take control of your budget and optimise your energy spend. Moreover, a holistic energy procurement strategy can manage risk and volatility to set your business on a better path.

Utilizer’s expert team has over 30 years’ experience in energy procurement, with proven strategies that deliver material benefit to your bottom line. We have a comprehensive panel of energy retailers that provide triple-fuel solutions. We manage every aspect of the procurement process on your behalf, from extensive bill analysis to fast and accurate RFP and end-game contract execution.

Our procurement solutions are scaled to suit any business size.

Our responsibility does not end at contract execution.  We can monitor bills and report on contract adherence, so you can feel secure in your energy decisions.

Utilizer is your trusted energy adviser, monitoring market movements and regulations changes to protect your business from unforeseen energy price shocks.

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