Your renewable energy consultants

We like the sun. It brightens our world, gives us the essential vitamin D our bodies need and provides warm days for our enjoyment.

The sun is more than just a source of happiness on a warm summer’s day, though, it is also a valuable source of free electricity that can be better utilised for your business.

If your business consumes power during daylight hours, a solar installation – with the help of our renewable energy consultants – can provide a cost-effective means to help shield your business from the impacts of market price volatility.

As trusted independent solar consultants across Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, we help you to determine the potential savings that these systems can provide to your business. We also assess and tailor a solution that matches your unit’s capacity with your energy consumption.

You don’t need acres of surface area for a viable solution either, with solar panel technology coming a long way over the years with increased ability to trap and store the beneficial rays from the sun.

On top of this, our energy efficiency experts offer battery and storage solutions that mean you can draw more from your reserves, even when the sun’s not out and about.

Benefits without the expenses through a commercial solar power purchase agreement

Over two million Australians are already been enjoying the benefits of renewable energy services in their homes, saving them truck-loads on their annual bills. We’re here to help your business do the same.

As your dedicated renewable energy consultants, Utilizer can provide an end-to-end solution for your business, sourcing the provision of the commercial solar power purchase agreement to maximise your bottom line. We’ll cover materials and installation all the way through to ongoing contact for maintenance, upgrades and the addition of batteries or other necessities.

There are two main solar options available to businesses, each offering their own benefits depending on the needs of your enterprise:

As part of the solar installation sizing process, we will also evaluate capacity for improvements to Power Factor Correction (PFC) which can deliver further incremental savings from a solar array.

Find out more about what PFC is and the efficiencies it delivers here.

So, if you like sunshine as much as we do, contact us on 1300 180 616. Let us show you how our commercial solar experts and consultants in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane can help power your business for less.